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The Story Of Elijah The Prophet

The Story Of Elijah The Prophet

There once was a prophet named Elijah. A prophet is someone chosen by God to speak His words. A prophet’s message is meant to bring people closer to God but they must be willing to listen.Elijah lived in a time much later than King Solomon. While Elijah was alive the people of God were worshiping other gods. Their king and queen were called Ahab and Jezebel. These two were very bad. They had led the people away from God.Elijah finally challenged the priests of Jezebel to a contest. He told King Ahab, “You were wrong to follow this false god Baal. Send me eight hundred and fifty of the prophets who eat at your wife’s table. Then we will see whose god is for real!”The time had come for God to work a miracle so great, His people could no longer doubt who the true God was. For the last three years, the people had heard their king and queen say, “Baal will bring you rain. Just wait and see.”No matter how much the people sacrificed and prayed, though, no rain had fallen. That was because Baal was a nothing god. Only the Lord God could bring rain to the thirsty land. He wanted to prove to the people through Elijah that He was the only God they should worship.Elijah told the priests of Baal to kill a bull. They should lay it on the wood, but put no fire under it. He would do the same with his bull and pile of wood. “Call on your god to light a fire under the bull, and I will call on my God! The God who answers with fire is the real God.”All the people agreed that this was a very fair test. The priests of Baal tried and tried. They prayed from morning until noon, “Oh Baal, answer us.” But there was no answer. They danced and shouted louder and louder. They jumped around the altar. But still there was no answer. No fire burned the wood beneath their bull.Then it was Elijah’s turn. He had four large jars of water poured over the altar. He did this three times until the trench was full. Then he poured water over his pile of wood, under the dead bull.To know more watch the video.

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